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  STRONACH: Roll of Honour. Those who paid the ultimate price defending freedom WW1 and WW2
   STRONACH: Basic data, births, marriages, deaths references worldwide in given name alphabetical order.
   STRONACH: Births, marriages, deaths all Scotland. In given name order.


 STRONACH: Births, marriages, deaths all England, Wales and Ireland. In given name order.
   STRONACH : BMDs  Misc countries & war deaths, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada/USA. In given name order
   STRONACH: Incomplete electoral rolls to 1980, then 1994-1999 All states.
   STRONACH: Census listings England & Wales 1841 - 1911 & the 1939 Register. In family group order.
  STRONACH: Census listings England & Wales 1841 - 1911 & the 1939 Register. In given name alphabetical order.
   STRONACH: Census listings Scotland 1841 - 1911 (see notes below. especially those for 1911 entries)
    STRONACH: Census listings Scotland 1841 - 1901 (as above but in given name/birth year order)
   STRONACH: Census listings Canada 1851 - 1921 (Entries in italics are extrapolated from earlier or later data)
   STRONACH: Electoral rolls 1935 - 1974
   STRONACH: Census listings USA 1850 - 1940
   3 Spades Deep site for STRONACH families in Nova Scotia
   STRONACH: Passenger lists worldwide destinations, followed by CAN/US border crossings
   STRANACK: Births, marriages and deaths. Worldwide
   STRANACK: Census listings England 1841 - 1911 & the 1939 Register


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These lists compiled were compiled over a number of years by the now late David Stronach of West Australia, Keith Flinders of New Zealand and with the assistance of many others. Includes variants such as Stranack and Stranach, be they related or not. Over the years records made have included one spelling or several spellings for the same individual. If anyone is interested in collaborating in the research to fill in the many missing names for parents and spouses then their work will be of benefit to all Stronach researchers. Please email corrections and additions to the address above (click on the letter icon to open the email dialogue box). Corrections and additions, which are always welcome.

County codes

To condense the data Chapman codes have been used for all UK counties. A list of these can be found at

Births, marriages, deaths

The list has a column named "Other" and this suggests the year of another event for the person recorded. We use the word suggests as we have not researched all the families in detail.

Where you see a female listed, mainly census and death references, with a surname in brackets, e.g. Elizabeth (White), this means that Elizabeth had the surname shown before she married a Stronach.

Family Code eg, AL/CF, allows one to find siblings. You will need to have Adobe Acrobat reader on your on your PC to use its search facility (binoculars icon) to locate entries. Also you can enlarge the displayed text.  


Census information for Scotland relies heavily on transcriptions done by others, is far from complete, and as the cost of viewing the original enumerators sheets is beyond our resources may never be added to. 1911 census data for Scotland is based on the simple index, added to this is information from earlier years and civil BMD entries. Birth places and occupations for 1911 Scotland may differ from actual, but if a full residential address is shown then information is as per that census. With the data for Scotland, in particular, Ann/Anne/Annie, or Elizabeth/Lizzie/Betty, or Helen/Ellen, or Isabel,Isabella/Isobel/Isobella,  or Jane/Jean/Janet/Jessie, or Margret/Margaret/Maggie could be the same person recorded at different times. Abbreviated given names from original sources have been extended to complete ones.

1841 census data for Scotland, and England, has been modified from that transcribed to include birth places and relationships where shown for same people in later census years.

Entries for 1939 are from the 1939 Register compiled in September 1939 and used for food rationing and other purposes. It was used after WW2 for the new National Health Service and continued to be used until the 1990s. Entries for those born 1919 and who died after 1992 are redacted on the online index for 100 years after their birth. Those born after Sept 1939 are not included in the 1939 Register, obviously.

The next UK census to be opened to the public was the one taken in 1921. It will be available as from the first working day of 2022 with the entries from England and Wales transcribed and listed here sometime after. The 1931 census was lost in a fire during WW2.

Census indexes are arranged in family groups, and also individuals by given name/birth year order. Serial numbers in both these indexes are the same.

Searching the data

If the Adobe icon is not showing in your web browser toolbar then open the Adobe Reader program on your system follow these steps:

1. Click on Edit,  2. Go to and click on Preferences at the bottom of the drop down list,  3. Click on Internet, at the top where it reads "Web Browser Option" click in the box Display PDF in browser, 4. Click OK to exit.

County references for Scotland, Wales and England are as per UK county structure as it was before the changes of the mid 1970s. Events since the changes are listed under old county names.

Latest update is 12 October 2018

Files updated.   1939 Register entries added.

Keith Flinders

Wellington, New Zealand

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